Here at Catchi’s Kimchi I specialise in small batch kimchi, handmade in Newcastle, which is fermented and never pasteurised to retain all the health benefits that kimchi has to offer! Where possible our ingredients are sourced locally and I import the best Korean spices to ensure an authentic taste!

We advice that you store your kimchi in the fridge as storing outside of the fridge will result in extra fermentation. We also advise you consume within the industry standard of 15 days of opening, but in reality as it is a "live" food product you can consume it for much longer than this is stored correctly.

As well as our kimchi pouches we also sell Korean pickles, DIY kimchi kits to make at home and have recently launched our Korean Street food and Korean Feasts at home! To find out more click on the link! korean-feasts-delivered-to-your-door