Shopping day is WEDNESDAY! All parcels should arrive on Thursdays!

As Catchi's Kimchi is a fermented and unpasturised product, it is volatile and must be handled with care:

    1. Each kimchi pouch is heat sealed, insulated and bubbled wrapped
    2. Kimchi should be stored in the fridge so it is necessary that it be delivered and put in the fridge as soon as you receive your pacel.
    3. If it is possible that if you may not be home to accept the parcel. we recommend that you MUST collect the parcel from the delivery office ASAP to prevent it from spoling whilst at the post office 
    4. I can't accept responsibilty if you are not home to accept the parcel - once it has been posted it is out of my hands!

I only post with the royal mail and only offer two delivery options: 1st class, and 24 hour tracked.

    1. 1st Class - £3.95 - should be delivered within 24 hours but no tracking or notifications available
    2. 24 hour tracked - £5.25 - delivered within 24 hours, with tracking and notifications so you know when it is coming, and comes with insurance
    3. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the 24 hour tracked option as this gives you notifications so you know what time to be at home to recieve your parcel

If you choose the 1st class option this is at your own risk - I only offer it as a lower cost option if you know you will be home on the Thursday

I am also a one woman business so Wednesday  is my dedicated postage day, which means kimchi parcels will always only arrive on Thursdays!

    1. I will not post on any other days as they are days for markets, labelling, ingredient shopping, cleaning, admin, and most importantly making the kimchi!
    2. please do not ask me to post earlier

You will also recieve a leaflet on how to care for your kimchi once it arrives so please follow those instructions!